March was a very uncertain time for many of us. At the beginning of the month most of us were still freely moving around and although talks of Corona had surfaced it hadn’t reached lock down stage just yet.

By the second and third week, everything had changed. Most of us were now working from home, having to order essentials online and having to communicate with our loved ones via technology.

It has been an extremely hard adjustment for all of us but for our health and safety we must follow the government’s guidelines on our new way to live.

Speaking of health and safety! Once the government announced rules on what we can and cannot do, I personally have been complying and the only time I would step out was to go to the shops or get medication. However, Rona doesn’t discriminate and it CAUGHT ME.

Look at the picture below. This is me on Saturday April 4th, when I was taken to hospital as I felt extremely unwell.

This is a very unflattering picture of myself and it took a lot for me to post but I just wanted to express the seriousness and severity of the situation.

April 4th was an extremely scary day for me. My body completely gave up. I couldn’t walk, talk, eat, stand, breathe. I thought I was dying.

I called 999 and the paramedics came, they checked my blood pressure and heart rate and they were not happy with what they had seen. This is where they insisted they take me to hospital. At this point, nothing had been clarified as to what was going on but of course in my mind I had already thought of the worst. All of a sudden, I heard the female paramedic say to the driver “ we need to go through the COVID entrance.” My heart stopped.

When we arrived, a flock of nurses came to the van and asked whether I was breathing and responding and because I was, they said they couldn’t take me in as they were only dealing with patients who needed ventilators. They then said they would run tests in the van. After everything was completed, it was confirmed that I had corona-virus but that I was low-risk, so I would be able to recover at home.

Just to clarify, I didn’t have a corona-virus test, so I don’t know what the testing kit looks like etc. I’m guessing they didn’t give me one as they already knew I was low risk, especially as I wasn’t coughing excessively or having severe trouble breathing but the tests they ran confirmed the symptoms I was displaying and that is how they were able to confirm that I had the virus on a more minor level which I could recover from.

I’ll be very honest, although I know that many people have had the virus and recovered, I was petrified. How did I get this virus? I had been taking precaution. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the whole scenario. I was then discharged by a nurse and was taken back home.

If I’m honest, I’m extremely grateful that I didn’t have to be admitted to hospital that day, as I don’t know if I would have made it out. Unfortunately, most people who aren’t recovering from the virus are mainly in hospital and being in the care of strangers when you’re extremely ill is very scary.

The days which followed after were some of the HARDEST days of my life. I cried A LOT, I screamed and I asked God why? Why me? What did I do so bad to deserve this. I felt like I was Judas and I had betrayed Jesus and he hated me. I honestly couldn’t understand the reason for the magnitude of pain I was feeling.

I had an excruciating pain all over my head and pain at the back of my eyes. I couldn’t look left or right with my eyes or turn my head as my neck was stiff. My appetite had completely disappeared and I felt nauseous. My body was aching everywhere and I was breathing heavily when I would speak. Finally, I couldn’t do any activity which involved me standing for a long period of time such as bathing, going up or down the staircase, cooking, shopping, exercise etc.

By day four, I wanted to give up with everything. Satan had started to infiltrate my head and I just wanted to give up because I couldn’t see myself getting over this. I had never cried so much and been in so much pain in my life – I just wanted a way out.

I spoke to an auntie of mine during this time and she said to me that if I didn’t try and defeat the virus and help myself, I would end up in the cemetery - also known as the hospital. My auntie was absolutely right. All the ingredients you need to recover from corona-virus, I wouldn’t have gotten at hospital and my immune system definitely would have been attacked at a greater scale.

I had to make a decision. Was it going to be God or Satan because my thoughts were going crazy. Was I going to allow God to fill my spirit and give me strength and faith or was I going to allow the Satan to convince me to give up and not bother with my life?

Fortunately, I chose God. This is definitely thanks to having strong Christians around me and through their prayer, faith and encouragement I was able to make the decision to walk with Christ and I will continue this walk forever.

By God’s grace, I was only severely unwell for 8 days. I am still recovering and am not 100% but I am back doing the things I normally do and my health is returning back to normal gradually.

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what I did to fight the virus off. Here is a list:

  • I Drank lots of WARM fluids. (Pineapple, ginger, garlic, lemon) and boiled this on the stove with water. If I needed to drink water then it would only be warm water.
  • I ate a lot of garlic and ginger in the foods which were being made for me and I ate pepper soup a few times to clear my system.
  • I steamed my face using vicks. It’s simple, all you need is boiling hot water, vicks, a bucket and a towel to put over your head whilst steaming your face.
  • Lastly, I made sure I was eating as much as I could to regain back my energy.

That is what I did for the most part. However, as I mentioned this experience was not just a physical battle but also a mental and spiritual one. What did I learn from having coronavirus?

What I will say is that, I AM NOT the same woman I was before I got this. I’ve changed my life in so many ways and looking after myself is now my only priority as I never want to go through something like this again.

  • I learnt that we all need to make sure that we are taking care of our immune systems. If you have a weak immune system like I did, you are far more prone to catching viruses, flu and diseases. You can build your immune system with this mixture. Vitamins are also important to take, these are the ones I would recommend -Vitamin D, C, B12 and Zinc.
  • I learnt that as humans, sometimes we may go through the most challenging things but you are so much stronger than you think and God is right by your side. Giving up should never be an option and there is always a way out.
  • I learnt that having people around you is so important in this life. No human is perfect and at times it isn’t easy to get on with people or maybe even live with them but if it wasn’t for my housemates I wouldn’t have alive today. They helped me every single day to make sure I got back to full health, regardless of how they were feeling. We all need people in this life, please make sure you have the right people surrounding you.
  • Finally, I learnt that my health has to be number one. I am getting older and my body is changing. I need to invest in my physical health and more importantly nutrition.

Please everyone, I am begging you. Look after yourselves! This virus is real, it can catch anyone and I assure you that it isn’t worth it.

Your life is the most precious gift you have.

Look after it.

Love Boohema



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